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Inside the Studio
What Sets us Apart

A member of the Pilates Method Alliance, Rinaldi Pilates has been recognized for providing clients with top-notch, personalized training, focusing on their fitness and lifestyle goals.

In keeping with Michele’s vision, our experienced team of instructors was individually hand-picked from the best certification programs in NYC. Our sessions offer a unique mix of the “classical", Joseph Pilates’ order of exercises and cutting edge variations and modifications. Each and every workout is personalized to suit the client's goals and needs, going beyond classical Pilates. Regardless of whether you are new to working out or a seasoned athlete, the Rinaldi Pilates team is dedicated to helping you identify and achieve your fitness goals. To maximize your studio time, we provide clients with a basic postural analysis, regularly recorded progress notes from instructor to instructor, and offer regular communication with physical therapists, doctors, chiropractors, and healthcare practitioners.

Over the years, our result-driven workouts have provided clients with cinched waistlines, increased core strength, increased flexibility, decreased back pain, weight loss, pre-natal and post-natal fitness toned muscles, and new patterns of movement filled with grace and ease making Rinaldi Pilates a NYC favorite.

Michele Rinaldi

I am Michele Rinaldi, founder of Rinaldi Pilates. I have a passion for helping people get through difficult times and reach seemingly unattainable goals. With my background in movement and psychology, I bring a unique mind/body approach to Pilates that combines the physical understanding of the body and balance with a consideration for my clients’ needs.

I have an MA in Psychology and have worked for years in the healthcare field. I discovered the merits of Pilates when I began rehabilitating my own chronic back and hip injuries after spending over twenty years as a gymnast. I became immediately captivated upon feeling the benefits of the practice. After completing over six hundred hours of apprenticeship to fulfill my training at Power Pilates, NYC in 2002 I truly began my Pilates journey.

Having finally decided to merge my desire to help others with my passion for fitness and movement, I began teaching Pilates full-time in several gyms and studios in NYC and Palm Beach, FL. Continuing studies in biomechanics and anatomy evolved my teaching beyond classical Pilates and allowed me to give clients a deeper understanding of the exercises. I now provide clients not only with better bodies and smaller waistlines, but also offer guidance through injury recovery and prevention, weight loss programs, and pre- and post-natal fitness regimens.

As I was recognized for my talent and quick results, my clientele grew quickly. In 2006, I opened Rinaldi Pilates with the vision of providing my dedicated regulars and future clients with a home away from home, in a personalized boutique studio setting. I was fortunate enough to be joined by a team of instructors with extraordinary work.

When I am not in the studio, you can find me taking yoga classes, playing tennis, jumping on a surfboard, at the spin studio, or at a local culinary school. See you in the studio soon...

Inside the Studio
Inside the Studio
Andrea Mitchell

Andrea Mitchell, founder of the Mitchell Method joined the talented instructors of Rinaldi Pilates in April, 2007, bringing with her a dedicated clientele. Andrea received her Pilates certification from the Kane School of Core Conditioning which provided a basis for understanding biomechanics and kinesiology. She built on her knowledge of anatomy by attending Kinected's Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries (FAMI) at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Additionally, she has studied pre-natal and post-natal conditioning, which she was able to put into practice during her own pregnancy in 2007. In 2005 she received a MPS in Creative Art Therapy allowing for a deeper understanding of the mind body connection. She has brought Pilates into her therapeutic work with children and survivors of physical and emotional trauma. During the past few years she has added Yoga to her daily workout routine and most recently completed the Level 1 Yoga training with Baron Baptiste.

Kristin Hoesl

A lifelong dancer and athlete, Kristin received her Classical Pilates certification in April, 2006, in NYC. In April, 2008, she completed a 200 hour vinyasa yoga certification from Bodhisattva Yoga in her home neighborhood, Park Slope. In March, 2009 Kristin became an ACE certified personal trainer. Pilates became her "gateway drug" into fitness. Always taking classes around town, Kristin has practiced Boxing, Bikram, and ran a half-marathon - you name it, she's done it! Her latest addiction is lifting very heavy weights and running down the block with a giant sandbag over her shoulders. She gets her "fix" at Crossfit South Brooklyn, where she has been working out hard since June, 2010.

Kristin's teaching style gets clients to go deeper into the Pilates method. With her talent, clients discover the subtle benefits and challenges behind exercises. Always on the lookout for new and creative ways to challenge her dedicated clientele, Kristin keeps her sessions fresh with an infinite number of exercises and variations she learned from outside of the Classical Pilates system.

She is so grateful to be part of the Rinaldi Pilates' family since the studio's inception in 2006. Brooklyn has been her home for the better part of a decade, she studies French, loves coffee, and is a lifelong Mets fan.

Inside the Studio
Inside the Studio
Anya Burack

Anya believes everyone from an athlete to an artist can find himself on the mat practicing Yoga and Pilates. She approaches each student as an individual and is able to help people of all ages to improve in strength and flexibility, She encourages her students to progress and believes that movement not only helps them to connect mind and body, but also brings the benefits in different aspects of their life.