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Services & Prices

PRIVATE SESSIONS: the focus is on you!
Experience intense Pilates incorporating apparatus and mat work to engage you in the ultimate mind body connection and strength training session.

*Private Packages per Person
Intro Pack (for first time clients only) 3 sessions $240
Single session $115
5 sessions $520
10 sessions $960
21 sessions $1880

Inside the Studio
Inside the Studio

DUET SESSIONS: the focus is on two!
Apparatus and mat work provide you and a partner with a challenging and enjoyable session. Working with a partner on your level may enhance your Pilates sessions for better results.

*Duets Packages (per person)
Intro Pack (for first time clients only) 3 sessions $180
1 Duet $75
5 Duets $350
10 Duets $650

OFF-SITE SESSIONS: The Focus is Brought to You!
We can provide the Rinaldi Pilates experience at your home. One hour sessions are customized and modified for your space enabling you to achieve your fitness goals outside of the studio.

Single Off-site Private $150
5-pack Off-site Private $745
10-pack Off-site Private $1470

Inside the Studio
In Office Classes



Our Corporate Pilates and Yoga Classes are designed to boost productivity, soothe away stress and enhance employee well-being.

Taught by one of our top-notch instructors, our office classes typically include:

  • Exercises to alleviate ailments that typically arise from a desk-bound job, as well as stretch, strengthen and tone the whole body.
  • Stress-reducing breathing techniques

All classes are taught to a mixed ability level, so everyone can take part, regardless of experience or ability.

Please contact the studio for scheduling and rates.

*All rates are subject to an additional 4.5% NYS Sales tax
*We accept American Express, Visa, Master Card, Cash, and Personal Checks.
*Our 21 Pack of Private Sessions Expires 6 Months from the Date of Purchase. All Other Services
and Packages Expire 4 Months from the Date of Purchase.
*All sessions and classes are subject to a 24 hour cancellation Policy.
*Sessions and Packages are non refundable.